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sell scrap gold for cash

When you think about selling gold, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably bullion bars. In fact, the process of selling your gold jewellery may seem daunting. However, this is not so. Selling gold has been made easy.

Well, today, anyone can sell gold. More specifically, you too have the potential to sell scrap gold. Wondering how this may be possible? Well, if you own jewellery pieces made from gold, you are most likely to buy new gold jewellery than repair them. If anything, repairing your gold items is mostly expensive and in some cases impossible to repair. Unless you are hoarding your gold pieces owing to their sentimental value, it is better to consider selling it as scrap gold.

You’ll be surprised that you can sell scrap gold in form of single earring, broken chains, baby bangles, brooches and necklaces among other beauty jewellery that you are holding on to dearly. On the other hand, if you are wondering what to do with your jewellery that you don’t use anymore, you don’t need to worry about your jewellery being broken, missing some parts or even gemstones or having no hallmark. All these don’t matter to companies that are interested in your old jewellery items. What is important is that it is made from genuine gold.

Although the value of gold has been on a decline over the past few years, this metal is still highly valuable hence a great way to make extra cash. The majority of scrap gold buyers do not usually focus on the fact that the gold is in a bad condition or that the items are broken. Instead, what matters the most is the weight and purity of the metal. Consequently, they will make an offer based on the amount of gold contained in your jewellery. Many of these dealers also accept other precious metals as well as gemstone so do not have to worry of your gold has some stones or other kind of precious metal. You will be compensated accordingly.


Why You Should Consider Selling your Gold Jewellery

The tough economic environment that has been characterized by a difficult financial situation made most people want to explore more ways to earn money. Selling old gold jewellery to scrap gold buyers for recycling is one of the best routes to obtain quick cash.

When you look around your home, you can be sure to find several unwanted pieces of silver and gold jewellery that are just gathering dust. Whether you have items that are simply out of fashion or broken, you can sell gold for scrap because after all they will be melted down.

Moreover, the prices of gold are on a steady rise hence making it more attractive to sell your gold for cash. Remember, when the gold prices are high, you too will get a higher value for your jewellery.

Selling Your Scrap Gold For Cash

The process of selling your gold jewellery is usually smooth. You will do well to check the current price of a carat of gold. You can then weigh your jewellery and send it to scrap gold buyers. In most instances, there will be a calculator that gives you an estimate of how much your jewellery is worth before you send it to the buyer. We simplify the process further by sending you a free gold selling park whose postage is already paid for. We also provide insurance for your gold jewellery while under postage. Thus, all you need to do is send the parcel containing your jewellery to us.  

If you’re unsure about where to sell gold for scrap, talk to us today. We are your leading online scrap gold buyer with expertise in determining the value of your items. We guarantee you accuracy in valuation of your items, a simple selling procedure and excellent customer service.

Gold & Silver for cash

Sell gold and silver and get cash for earrings, necklaces, lockets, bangles, chains, rings, brooches, bracelets and watches. We even buy your old, damaged, unhallmarked or unwanted gold jewellery.


If you have a luxury watch you want to sell quickly GoldSold can make you a cash offer in under 24 hours. Apply online for a fast free quote.


We are the UK’s number one buyer of all broken jewelry regardless of the condition.

Selling Your Gold For Cash At Gold Sold

When you opt to sell your gold for cash to us, we guarantee you a transparent process that is handled professionally. Most importantly, we guarantee you a hassle free and fast way to sell your jewellery.

We not only give you a free quote we also care about your privacy as our site is protected by TRUSTe, one of the leading privacy providers on the internet. In addition, we only accept payment via trusted and secure payment platforms so you don’t have to worry about losing your money online.

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