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Are you looking to sell unwanted Gold items in a hurry? Would you like the assurity of a guaranteed buyer for your Gold item? At Gold Sold we are the industries leaders in buying and selling items online for cash. We have a portfolio of established businesses that have funds in excess of £20 million. Our investment partners are currently looking to purchase any Gold items for cash. Whatsmore, we can complete on the sale of your gold in as little as 7 days.

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If you’ve got some broken gold jewellery lying around, you’ll be surprised to know that you are seating on a gold mine. Selling items that are made from gold is not just profitable but also easy. You don’t need to have a stash of solid bars of bullion to trade in gold.  You can sell gold online. There are numerous companies that are willing to pay for your old gold artifacts and jewellery so that you no longer continue keeping those gold pieces that are old or irreparable.

Before you set out to sell gold for cash, make sure that you are not just well informed in gold dealings but also aware of the market. This is important, as you will be able to understand the process and make sure that you get value for your gold items. When you work out the value of old, unwearable gold items that you are still holding, you can be sure to fetch a handsome amount. You can use the money to replace your old gold pieces with something that is up to date.

You can sell you unloved and broken gold online to scrap gold buyers that is old or broken. We are ready to turn your old gold pieces to cash. So don’t let your broken gold pieces to continue gathering dust when they can work for you.

At xxx, we offer you the fastest and simplest way to sell all your scrap gold jewellery for the best prices possible. We accept all types of gold in return for cash.

Reasons To Sell Your Gold Jewellery

If you are still holding on to your gold jewellery, perhaps you need more compelling reasons to do so that include the following:

  • Your gold pieces are no longer fashionable. Jewellery items are mostly fashion items that can go out of fashion after some time. This may be the reason your jewellery box has many pieces you no longer wear even though they are still valuable.
  • You need more money. Selling your gold jewellery is one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn money. All you need to do is to make sure that you shop around for a buyer that is offering the best price that is close to the current trading price.
  • Your gold jewellery is your inheritance. If you have a gold jewellery that was passed on to you through a will it is likely to be the rare, vintage or antique type that can earn you a significant amount of money.

What You Need Know

There are a couple of things you need to know before sell gold for cash to prospective buyers.

  • The value of your gold items is usually determined by the weight of the metal. Therefore, you will do well to weight your pieces as well as establish the current price per carat. This way, you can determine whether the prices the buyer is offering are within an acceptable range.
  • Know the purity of your jewellery. This is important because the more the carat the more the value of your jewellery. You can also look at the hallmark to determine how pure your items are.

Where To Sell Your Gold For Cash

You can sell gold for cash in several places:


One of the most popular places where you can sell your gold is online. In fact, you will find most of the companies that allow you to sell gold online. Thus, you need to shop around and compare quotes to make sure that your get the best price possible.

While you can be sure to find reputable companies offering good rates, you also must beware of those companies that will take advantage of you and make low offers. Therefore, research and shop widely. Don’t forget to look at the independent reviews and testimonials of these companies. You also need to find out if the gold buying company has a satisfaction guarantee. This is important as it gives you the liberty to decline an offer especially when the offer is too low.


You could also opt to sell your gold for cash to pawnbrokers. How this works is that pawnbrokers may give you cash to be paid on a short-term basis with your gold jewellery being the security. You may opt to pay back the money you have been loaned within the specified period or simply keep the money effectively allowing the pawnbroker to keep the money.

Antique Dealers

Antique dealers could also buy your gold master pieces especially in the case of jewellery that is classified as an antique. Alternatively, they may also help you to find buyers that are specifically interested in antiques.


The auction is another way to sale your gold jewellery. Even then, you need to understand that auctions are usually unpredictable hence there is a certain degree of risk involved. That is, the gavel may hit when you are not happy with the final price and there’s little you can do to turn things around. As such, auctions are preferred by those people who have large amounts of items that are highly valued. Generally, auctions are a great way to gauge the market value of an item even though the price of items may sometimes be inflated far much more than the prevailing value when the bidding process is highly competitive.

Keep in mind that with all these channels of selling gold for cash, the quality as well as saleability of your items plays an important role in determining how fast they will sell.

Gold & Silver for cash

Sell gold and silver and get cash for earrings, necklaces, lockets, bangles, chains, rings, brooches, bracelets and watches. We even buy your old, damaged, unhallmarked or unwanted gold jewellery.


If you have a luxury watch you want to sell quickly GoldSold can make you a cash offer in under 24 hours. Apply online for a fast free quote.


We are the UK’s number one buyer of all broken jewelry regardless of the condition.

Selling Your Gold For Cash At Gold Sold

When you opt to sell your gold for cash to us, we guarantee you a transparent process that is handled professionally. Most importantly, we guarantee you a hassle free and fast way to sell your jewellery.

We not only give you a free quote we also care about your privacy as our site is protected by TRUSTe, one of the leading privacy providers on the internet. In addition, we only accept payment via trusted and secure payment platforms so you don’t have to worry about losing your money online.

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